Russian Army to hold first mountain drills with Pakistan this year

Russian Army to hold first mountain drills with Pakistan this year.MOSCOW: The Russian Army’s Commander-in-Chief Oleg Salyukov on Friday reported that Russian ground powers will hold its first ever military activities with Pakistan in the coming year, as indicated by TASS news office.

The Russian Army is booked to hold seven worldwide drills in 2016, including “the first ever Russian-Pakistani unique drills in uneven landscape.”

“As a feature of association with our remote partners in 2016, we have planned seven joint activities with the inclusion of the significant units of outside states,” the Russian Army Commander-in-Chief said.

The Russian Army will likewise hold joint against dread order and staff activities of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and also a Russian-Vietnamese exercise, Salyukov included.

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“The Peace Mission-2016, the joint drills of peace-keeping powers of the Collective Security Treaty Organization code-named Indestructible Brotherhood, the Frontier-2016 joint charge and staff bores, the Indra-2016 Russian-Indian practices and the Selenga-2016 Russian-Mongolian drills will be held,” the officer included.

Shanghai Cooperation

Pakistan and India both joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in July a year ago. The gathering is commanded by Russia and China, furthermore incorporates previous Soviet republics in Central Asia.

Pakistan’s full enrollment to the intense SCO was endorsed by its Council of Heads of State at its fifteenth Summit.

Russia sees the association, growing interestingly since its creation in 2001, as a stabilizer to Western cooperations.

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Russia had lifted its ban on arms supplies to Pakistan in June 2014 and marked a two-sided protection collaboration concurrence with Pakistan to reinforce military-to-military relations in November 2014.

Later August 2015, the two nations marked a milestone protection bargain which incorporates the offer of four Mi-35 ‘Rear E’ assault helicopters to Pakistan.

Russian Army

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